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Scrap tires keeping piling up by the millions every year.


Scrap tire fires are becoming a real threat in some areas of the world.


Scrap Tires Can Mean Real Trouble!

We Build Tough Tires and They Are Not Biodegradable!

Every year the world throws hundreds of millions of tires into trash heaps or by the side of the road. The United States alone accounts for in excess of 250 million scrap tires every year!

Tires are built tough to take it! But we build them so that they also are not biodegradable. A tire in a trash pile today will be there next year...and for hundreds and thousands of years to come. And these scrap tires are DANGEROUS!

Piles of scrap tires harbor rats and other disease carrying vermin. The water that collects inside of these old tires is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes - and they carry a variety of diseases harmful to man.

And - tire piles have been catching fire with an alarming frequency in recent years. Whether from lightening, spontaneous combustion or arson - these tire fires are extremely difficult to extinguish and the fumes released during these fires can be harmful to man and beast - and some of the elements released are known carcinogens.

We are recycling tires, into new tires, rubber products, road materials, floor mats and flooring and a number of other items - but some recycling products are not truly justified economically and we are not making much of a dent in the glut of scrap tires.

Brittney Recyclers has an answer to help turn our world inventory of scrap tires into viable economic products for sale in a number of world markets. These products are:

  • Carbon black
  • Black toner products
  • Chemical grade processing plasticizer oil

Learn about our process and our plan for recycling the world's scrap tire surplus!



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