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A Worldwide Plan for Recycling!

The Need and the Demand Are Everywhere!

Preliminary site evaluation and selection work has been implemented at the following locations:

USA sites:

Port Bienville – Bay St. Louis Mississippi
This strategic location has inter-coastal waterways that connect to the Gulf of Mexico and accommodates barges, and its own railroad that connects to the CSX line. This location solves a significant scrap tire disposal problem for the State of Mississippi. This location is four miles from Interstate I-10 connecting Mobile and New Orleans, which also will allow for sufficient scrap tire flow from Mississippi, Louisiana or Alabama to the plant.

Houston, Texas:
With a population of over four million people and with excellent road, rail & water outlets Houston is a prime location for a tire recycling facility.

Atlanta, Texas:
A near by tire reclamation site holds 30 million roughly shredded tires, the largest tire dump in the U.S. Operations are currently suspended due to bankruptcy of the operator. These tires have been placed under state control in October 2000 through police powers. In any event, state authorities are looking for solutions. Atlanta is a town with a population of 6,000 located on U. S. highway 59 approximately 22 miles south of Texarkana, Texas and approximately 12 miles from the Arkansas state line.

Hudson, New York:
This shredded tire dump is located in Columbia County and contains 8 million tires on the ground. This facility is located 80 miles north of New York City along the Hudson River. Columbia County welcomes industrial businesses.

Ardmore, Oklahoma:
This city is centrally located for major tire haulers and disposal facilities in the area. This city/county offers significant incentives for new business being initiated. Additionally the State of Oklahoma has a capital cost recovery program in place.

Hudson, Colorado:
Operations of Tire Mountain, Inc. hold 16 million shredded tires. Hudson is a town with a population of 918 located on Interstate 76, 31 miles northeast of Denver.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:
There are 4.5 million tires stockpiled. Service to this city is by rail.

Leavenworth, Kansas:
Beck’s Tire Services has 5 million tires in a monofill.

Chambers County, Texas:
Locations in southeast Texas would have excellent rail and barge transport access.

International Sites:

Provinces of Canada:

United Arab Emirates:

- Al Qussis
- Jebel Ali
- Nadal Hammas
- Al Wanga
- Letbab

Saudi Arabia

Republic of China

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