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The Brittney Plan for Scrap Tires

We Will "Re-Cycle" The Raw Materials

Pyrolysis technology (heating material in the absence of oxygen) has been around for hundreds of years. Charcoal is made through partial pyrolysis. Current methods of manufacturing virgin carbon black use partial pyrolysis. Mr. Franz Rotter, a German engineer-scientist developed this initial Pyrolysis technology with scrap tires. He is reported to have built tire Pyrolysis plants in Germany and France. Mr. Rotter immigrated to Portland Oregon in the early 1980’s and collaborated for the construction and implementation of a tire re-cycling facility located in eastern Pennsylvania. This base plant came on stream in 1985 and was recently de-commissioned but for many years produced high grades of carbon black and plasticizer oil.

Devising current production methodologies to remove entrained carbon black from the oil to produce a water white liquid and to remove microscopic particles of steel and fiberglass from the carbon black was the current engineering objective.

This current patented process is “unique” when compared to other tire recycling projects. This process can recover the virgin quality raw materials used in the manufacturing of a tire which makes our process truly a recycling of a consumer product not a reuse of existing product.

This process yields carbon black, black toner products and a clear chemcial grade processing plasticizer (or extender) oil. Learn more>>>

Brittney Limited has committed to develop and install up to twenty (20) plant sites worldwide over an eight-year period. Brittney will own and operate the initial sites through its subsidiary, Britteny Recyclers. Inc..

For sites not owned, Brittney will turnkey the license, construction, and implementation of the specific plant complex. Brittney may also become the licensed operator of the facility. This construction and implementation will include: all equipment required for commercial operation of the process, including but not limited to a minimum of three reactor vessels, shredders, control equipment, enhancement equipment, on-site laboratory equipment, packaging equipment, storage vessels, scales, and other equipment utilized at a Plant Complex. A typical plant operating at full capacity will process up to 2.4 million tires per year.

See a list of possible plant sites>>>


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