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The World Is A Very Small Place!

Man Is "Trashing" Himself To The Limit

In the disposable economy of the 21st Century, waste disposal is a very serious problem. In the United States alone the amount of municipal solid waste generated exceeds 208 million tons (188 million metric tons). But - this DOES NOT include automobiles or their tires!

It is estimated that in the United State every year there are in excess of 250 million tires placed into landfills and scrap yards. These tires have no hope of biodegrading. Rather they can become environmental nightmares and breeding grounds for rats, mosquitoes and disease.

Brittney Recyclers. Inc. is offering a solution to the problem of how to dispose of scrap tires!

We want to retire these tires...through a special process...by recapturing the component parts which make up a tire.

We invite you to learn more about Brittney Recyclers and our work on the pages which follow within our web site. After reading what we present here - would you have questions or require additional details, please feel free to contact us!



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